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Throw five balls at someone and they’ll drop the lot. Throw one ball and they’ll catch it.

ICD create tailor-made, clear message branding that your clients will get.
We also restore and evolve tired branding that might just need a leg up to reach it’s full potential. Either way, brand recognition doesn’t just happen. It takes research, skill and imagination to finally create something that your clients will get!

ICD - Marketers - Services - Print - Design

We have a passion for designing print material

that’s too good to throw away.

If a brochure’s beautiful, people keep them. If people keep them, people will keep looking at it. If people keep looking at it, people will end up buying from it. Poor brochures work in exactly the same way but get thrown away at the beginning!

ICD work with you to find a solution that will work. So whether it’s a spangly new brochure, an informative newsletter or a punchy direct mail campaign, getting it right needn’t be a chore.

ICD - Marketers - Services - Advertising

One, two. – That’s it.

That’s exactly how long a potential client will give you before turning the page to find a competitors product. Not long is it?

Well don’t despair. Designing stunning adverts that will stop that dreaded page turn comes naturally to us here at ICD.

Print advertising is still one of the best ways of becoming known. Market retention or even dominance relies on client recognition and advertising is one of the most cost effective ways of obtaining this.

Remember, publications don’t offer discounts for poorly designed adverts, so why send them one?

ICD - Marketers - Services - Publications

Turning a page or page turn technology.

It’s all in a days work to us.

Creating stunning magazines and directories is all in a days work for our team here at ICD. We treat each page as a masterpiece to end up with a final publication that you can be proud of.

We even handle chasing the advertisers for their artwork, politely of course. This small yet crucial service frees up your ad sales team to get on with selling ads and is proven to increase sales revenue by 8-10% per issue. Not to be sniffed at!

ICD - Marketers - Services - Web Design - Digital

We live in a wonderful world where we can peddle our wares to clients all over the world. So why not do just that? Communication has never been so exciting!

Your web site is your shop window. So dress it well. Welcome shoppers in and make their visit one to remember and one they’ll want to repeat time and time again.

Use banners, skyscrappers and buttons like they’ve never been used before. Let ICD plan, design and build your on-line marketing requirements that attract customers and give them the desire to click and click again. We understand the importance of getting it right. Our web sites are tested across different browsers and platforms and are created in such a way as to gain maximum potential from each visitor.

Our banners, skyscrappers and buttons will drive clients to you, so get your hard hats on and be prepared for the rush. Although, with ICD it’s more about white hat than hard hat!